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Amazon QuickSight

Visualizing Data

with Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight is a new, cloud-based business analytics service enabling users to visualize and extract business insight from their data.

What is

Amazon QuickSight?

Amazon QuickSight is an efficient, easy-to-use, low-cost and cloud-based business decisioning service that seamlessly integrates AWS data storage systems, individual data files and third-party data sources, while delivering fast analytics results with massive amounts of data and high concurrent queries. 


As a cloud service, Amazon QuickSight does not require users to have code capabilities, automatically identifies and integrates a variety of different data sources, provides real-time interactive data querying, and automates data visualization. 


Compared to integrated offerings that provide the entire solution, Amazon QuickSight has the advantage of low cost, ease of use, and more flexible application of solutions for each application scenario.

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How other AWS products

work together?

Bricom, an Amazon QuickSight Delivery Partner, is equipped with digital analytics and visualization best practices.

Help you securely connect VPC and local data,

set up SSO and AD integrations,

build interactive control panels and embed analytics

in your applications with the Amazon QuickSight and API.

How can it be used? 

Data analysis visualization carries the important task of internal information sharing, external communication and on-site presentation. Based on Amazon QuickSight can solve the "last mile" problem of big data application, easily obtain and automatically refresh multi-channel data including AWS data, third-party data, big data, spreadsheet data, SaaS data, B2B data, etc., and zero coding check all kinds of big screen digital visualization. We have deliver best practices in smart manufacturing, healthcare, smart finance, digital command center and other scenarios.

Customer Service Center

QuickSight connects all data in call center, CRM system and work order system, integrate multiple different data sources to build a control panel that meets your customer service quality indicators. Visualize abstract service levels to easily optimize service quality.

Production Center

Make your production center agile, integrating equipment, machine learning solutions, and data analytics services to gain insights, predict maintenance, schedule workforce, track assets, maintain audit and quality records, and more.

Business Center

Integrate business metrics reporting with machine learning to gain insights, anomaly detection to continuously analyze all your data for anomalies and changes, and predict your business metrics to provide intuitive insights for business decision makers.

Monitoring Center

Build customizable, intelligent monitoring of metric changes, automatically alerting users and providing personalized email reports with prompts.

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