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AWS Resource Planning

AWS Resource Planning

AWS migrations are complex and Bricom understands this. We offer a continuous delivery effort, billed on a reasonable model and with AWS resources in order to help our customers in their cloud journey. We design, architect, plan, build and migrate customer workloads to AWS using secure cloud migration methods with minimal to zero downtime. Areas covered are: Planning, Design, Building landing zone, Deployment Testing, Mobilize and Migration deployment, Customer Hand-off and MSP Options.

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Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is necessary for business agility, high-availability and resilience planning, disaster recovery (business continuity), an operational cost shift model, and actualization of team velocity. As a consulting partner of AWS, we recognize that customers have on-premise resources of application, compute, network and storage infrastructure that need to be discovered, identified, assessed as migration-capable or non-migration capable. We have broken this down into activities by migration phase.


Assess and Architect

- Application Assessment and Disposition

- Inventory of cloud-capable or non-capable applications

- Cloud Application Migration

- Cloud Architecture for any of the following environments:      Dev, QA/UAT, Staging and Production


Plan and Build

- Cloud planning

- Cloud services portfolio development

- Cloud services and development sandboxes

- Cloud production environment planning and infrastructure    scanning


Migrate and Mobilize

- Cloud production deployment testing

- Cloud secure migrations

- Test and hand-off to Cloud Ops, NetOps and SysOps teams - Knowledge transfers to in-house staff

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