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International SOS

International SOS (Internationl SOS) is the world's leading health and safety risk professional service provider, offering world-leading 24/7 assistance services in more than 1,000 locations in 85 countries worldwide. Globally, the International SOS Global Assistance Network team manages and certifies a network of more than 90,000 medical facilities and security providers.


Project Description

As part of AWS, Bricom Contact Suite (BCS) guarantees to support global customers by providing access to BCS from anywhere in the world through a secure, reliable, and highly scalable infrastructure.

Remote Agent Solution
With AWS, agents can access global call center desktops and work from any location. Not only breaking the limitations of working hours, work locations, and attendance methods. Easily cope with call spikes and emergencies while saving on physical agent costs. 

Embedded Analytics + Concurrent Alerts
Bricom Marquee data analysis and intelligence tool can import data and generate intuitive reports with a single click. It is embedded in the international SOS portal and website. The live alerting feature also ensures the stability of customer interactions and customers are served at the right time.

International SOS completed the migration of its customer service platform to AWS and built up its ability to reach global customers in a short period which has also brought them multiple benefits:

  • Seamless handover of operations for global service availability, with excellent agent experience.

  • Strengthens the call center's ability to respond to emergencies such as epidemics and natural disasters.

  • Intelligent monitoring

  • Secure operation in the cloud


  • Manage multiple channels in the cloud

  • Meet the global business model and scale easily

  • Ensure security compliance


  • Shift to remote work due to the pandemic

  • Reduced costs consolidating into one cloud platform

Bricom  Capabilities

  • Used AWS services including;                       

    • AWS EC2

    • AWS EBS

    • AWS CloudWatch

    • AWS Security Group

    • AWS VPC

  • Rapid deployment experience and migration of customer contact center platform based on AWS and Bricom Contact Suite services

  • Full support from partners with strong service capabilities


RoyalBaby is a global high-quality stroller manufacturer recognized by customers in more than 80 countries. With the continuous increase of business volume, the original IT structure and the decentralized business system can hardly support the future development of the business. RoyalBaby wanted to standardize the customer service platform with communication channels for different markets.

RoyalBaby logo.png

Project Description

Agile Cloud Migration
Have the ability to cover overseas customers in a short period of time, allowing the company to successfully solve the challenges brought about by the globalization and rapid growth of its business, and also bringing results to the company in various aspects.

Leveraging the cloud for flexibility and scale
Unified integration of customer service call answering, multi-channel integration, and after-sales service and flow through Amazon Connect. Providing 24/7 after-sales service support for overseas markets. "Amazon Connect allows us to respond quickly to customer needs from phone calls and interactive chats on a single platform. It not only enabled us to establish closer relationships with our global customers but also allowed us to simplify the business processes." Hu Wanxin said.

Paying the ideal solution per usage
Amazon Connect offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model, which eliminates the need to rely on telecom carriers and other expensive infrastructure or long-term contracts. RoyalBaby significantly reduced training costs for after-sales service agents by 50%.

Safe and compliant
"AWS provides a series of security mechanisms and compliant services. Data is securely stored in Amazon S3 storage service and always encrypted. It helps us to meet regulatory and privacy protection requirements of different markets, allowing us to develop our core business with more confidence," Hu Wanxin said.

What's next step? Improvements in operational efficiency across the CX function
As digital-savvy customers now demand more personalized experiences and more agile service capabilities from companies, RoyalBaby continues to explore how other AWS services can help to deliver seamless, efficient CX worldwide.


  • RoyalBaby needed a system capable of secure access that anyone could connect with from anywhere. With the different devices everyone used, it was clear that a secure and flexible cloud-based solution was needed.

  • The traditional IT architecture and the dispersed business systems and applications have posed new challenges to the enterprise. "The independent IT architecture of each regional market and the decentralized commercial system limited the deployment, expansion, and response speed.

  • Bricom helped to place employees and customers at the heart of its experience-first, cloud contact center strategy. 
    Liberated by one-stop global telephony coverage, workforce management, and personal development tools — resulting in reduced wait times, speedier service, and more satisfied customers.

  • Hu Wanxin, Global E-commerce Manager of RoyalBaby, said, "Especially when expanding overseas business, we often need to find local partners in different countries and regions to negotiate the construction of contact center, including the application of telephony resources from carriers, contract communication, and a series of cumbersome procedures are costly."

  • RoyalBaby didn't want to waste any time in leveraging an omnichannel solution that integrates the enterprise's independent station, third-party e-commerce platform, and call center in a unified way to achieve global coverage of customer service capabilities.


  • 50% cost savings

Bricom  Capabilities

  • Used AWS services including;

    • Amazon Connect                  

    • Amazon S3                       

  • Rapid deployment experience and migration of customer contact center platform based on AWS

  • Global telephony coverage and flexible billing methods

  • Full support from partners with strong service capabilities

Midea Group




Project Description

美的希望建立全球统一的全渠道的客户联络中心,要求这个一体化交互平台支持多元化沟通,能够快速解决客户问题,同时有能降低服务成本,而Amazon Connect智能云客服中心,能让海外的客服中心快速部署上线、开放的平台轻松与业务系统集成,全功能的客服平台,优化坐席效能。

在亚马逊云科技合作伙伴Bricom的协助下,平台功能实现了包括呼入 / 拨出电话、网站、App 和 社交媒体客服以及机器人自助化的多渠道交互,并把平台集成到企业的CRM,便于统一平台管理和业务深层次融合,项目规划按阶段性实现:

从客服渠道整体规划到按业务发展需求,功能分阶段整合,首先部署Amazon connect 平台,实现各国家客户享受统一的服务体验,让语音相关服务线上云,并规划同一国家的统一热线号码,更方便客户联络到坐席,业务应用在逐步增加各类社交媒体统一接入文字客服,AI/ML以及可视化报表应用,将AI/ML作为每一次交互的核心,为客户和坐席人员带来卓越的体验 ,从而达到降低运营成本。


  • 为了统一全球联络中心建设,企业会倾向于统一的一套联络中心解决方案,并在各个国家进行复制化部署。这意味着需要大量资源部署,同时有着周期长,跨国项目实施成本过高的特点。在竞争激烈的市场环境下,对企业的客户服务能力有着更高的要求,联络中心如何能快速部署上线,多语言支持,降低运营成本是企业的核心需求。如何建立起既能满足全球客户中心的业务模式,又符合数据安全及的全方位赋能客服中心平台,在有限成本投入中确保每次都能为客户提供最佳客服体验?

Bricom  Capabilities

  • 美的采用的亚马逊服务包括:Amazon EC2、Amazon S3、Amazon EKS、Amazon API Gateway、Amazon Connect 、Amazon Lex、Lambda、DynamoDB、Quicksight、Amazon Kinesis、Amazon Glue、Athena、SSO

  • 基于亚马逊云科技的服务实现客户联络中心平台的快速部署体验与迁移

  • 迅速实现多媒体渠道机器人客服流程化,协作坐席提高坐席工作效能

  • 具备联络中心专业的经验和服务能力的合作伙伴提供全程支持



Ouyeel is a company dedicated to integrating resources from the iron and steel industry chain. They actively promote the innovation and practice of smart industry chains by creating a third-party industrial internet platform that integrates trading, logistics, industry information, big data, and professional knowledge.

In order to better serve overseas customers, Ouyeel decided to migrate from Alibaba Cloud to AWS. Migrating to AWS can help them manage and analyze large amounts of industry data more efficiently, optimize resource allocation, improve service quality, and thus better serve their users.

Project Description

This migration project mainly targets the application system deployed by the customer Ouyeel workload on Alibaba Cloud, and provides technical support for the migration plan and implementation to AWS platform. The main tasks of this project are to assist the customer in the implementation and guarantee of the following aspects:

· Pre-migration research and planning

· Design and implementation for AWS account

· Design, planning, and implementation for AWS VPC network

· Design and implementation for security configuration on AWS platform

· Design of IAM users and roles

· Migration of the website from Alibaba Cloud ECS and SLB to EC2 and ELB, as well as related security configurations and deployments

· Database migration from Alibaba Cloud RDS MySQL to Amazon RDS MySQL

· Migration of caching services from Alibaba Cloud Redis to Amazon Elasticache

· Object storage migration from local disk to Amazon S3, as well as the permission management of S3 bucket


Reshape the new order in the steel circulation field, help the structural reform of the supply side of the steel industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to achieve high-quality economic development.

Bricom  Capabilities

Before the migration project, Bricom conducts a Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA). The MRA investigates customer issues from various angles, such as business, migration project planning, skills, landing zone, overall system information integrity, migration experience, operation mode, and security compliance. This is done to assess the customer's ability and determination to migrate their project to AWS, and to clarify issues that need to be resolved during the migration planning stage.



iMile is a supplier that specializes in providing e-commerce logistics and courier services for the Middle East, China, and Latin America markets. This company is the first courier company to provide intelligent logistics and courier solutions to solve the Cash on Delivery (COD) problem for e-commerce enterprises. Their business scope covers a range of services from end-to-end delivery, tracked COD, real-time online tracking, international cargo transport, overseas warehousing, and 24-hour support through all channels.

Project Description

This migration project mainly targets the CRM and ERP systems deployed by iMile in local IDC, providing technical support for migration plans and implementations to the AWS platform. The project mainly assists the customer in implementing and ensuring the following scopes:

· Pre-migration research and planning

· Implementation design for AWS account

· Design, planning and implementation of the AWS VPC network

· Design and implementation of security configuration for the AWS platform

· Design of IAM users and roles

· Website migration from local server to EC2 and ELB, including relevant security configurations and deployments

· Database migration from local IDC MySQL to Amazon RDS MySQL

· Cache service migration from local IDC Redis to Amazon Elasticache


iMile's primary aim is to enhance service availability and flexibility by transitioning to the cloud to cater to growing business demands. They plan to integrate their existing CRM and ERP systems into the cloud for improved localized services, like local hotlines.

Bricom  Capabilities

Before the migration project, Bricom conducts a Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA). The MRA investigates issues from the customer's perspective in several areas, including business, migration project planning, skills, landing zone, overall system information integrity, migration experience, operational model, and security compliance. This helps to assess the customer's ability and determination to migrate their project to AWS, and to clearly define the issues that need to be resolved during the migration planning stage.

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